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Club group Our Philosophy

The Alberta Trials Riders Association is a non-profit as well as a non-commercial organization that exists solely due to athletes having a passion for the sport of organized trials.

Trials is a very affordable sport to get into with our yearly club membership being just $40, and our event entry only $20. Trials also does not require huge expanses of land for practice. You can be entertained in a 15' x 15' space with one obstacle for hours!

As always, safety and responsibility are top priorities for the ATRA, with pretty much all of us having work or school commitments the next day. Therefore, the sections are always designed with safety in mind. The current president of the ATRA, Harold Pospisil, is a former ski patroller who is certified in first aid with CPR/AED certification as well

The ATRA is a group of passionate individuals who wish to see the sport of trials promoted and refined in Canada. If you think Trials is something you would like to be a part of, please do not hesitate to get in touch the club, and we will be more than willing to point you in the right direction to help you get started!

Training and Coaching

We regularly inform our members on our forum of upcoming fun rides. In spring, summer, and fall we enjoy the outdoors and ride beautiful natural terrain. During the winter we typically organize a fun indoor trial to align with the Annual General Meeting. At all events more experienced riders are always ready to give advice and coaching newer riders. In addition, we have organized some professional schools that aided in improving riding techniques, to lower scoring during competitions.

Due to the club being rider-driven there is always a surplus of teaching opportunities and support for new members and riders, as all of our more experienced riders are always willing to offer their advice on everything from bike setup to actual riding techniques. An ATRA club member put in an immense amount of work in the 2012 season to have seven-time US National Trials Champion Ryan Young come to Canada and hold two schools which was very well received and an awesome experience.

Our History

ATRA was established around year 1970 by a bunch of trials enthusiasts. From the beginning the club was an association of trials riders with a focus of promoting Observed Trials in Alberta. In the early years our club was the only one here. We held venues in all over province of Alberta. We were pioneers here. As a club with a very strong drive to promote Trials, we are always looking for a new area to ride and the excitement of true and fair competition.

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